Keep Calm and Keep Your Mouth Shut

“It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.”

That’s either a Chinese Proverb or a one-liner from Mark Twain. Can’t remember at the moment, but it’s one that keep-calmkeeps circulating through my mind today.

It’s a lesson I am desperately trying to apply in my life.  Seems lately I find myself “having” to say it instead of holding my tongue.  As the words spill from my lips and I suddenly find myself in the middle of a mess.

It’s so amazing how quickly you can go from content to convicted. From peace to turmoil.

Like disregarded sparks falling onto a dry field, reckless words can spark hurt feelings. From there, they either stay there smoldering where they land, on the heart of the wounded or spread back to the heart of the one who wounded them. Either way, before you know it, emotions run wild and the whole field is up in flames.

By this point, the words can’t be unspoken, the fire is already started.  But, thankfully the flames can be squelched through the power of forgiveness.

* Moral of the story: Make your words sweet… One day, you may have to eat them. *

One thought on “Keep Calm and Keep Your Mouth Shut

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