Day: September 27, 2013

Hearing God

Hearing-GodAs I sit here and think, pray, meditate on my life and what is swirling around me, there are some basic and simple things that always come up.  Each day, each moment, no matter what is happening…I have to trust God and listen intently for His voice.  I have lived long enough to fully understand that there is little in my life I can really handle on my own.  My life is one that is dependent upon the God who made me.  I am NOT an island…nor do I want to be.

I have written about it a number of times in 2013 because there are instances…like now…when I come to God for direction, for help, for answers and all I hear is silence.  

There is a part of me that gets really frustrated at that.  I want God to “jump to!” and answer my prayers, speak to me, make something happen!  But when all I get is silence I have one of two things I can do,

1. I can get mad and stomp away in frustration.  I’ve done that in the past and I’ve learned that that accomplishes nothing!  or,

2. I can sit quietly and wait, trust, calm my anxious heart and be still. Listening intently for His voice.

It is the hardest aspect of my walk with God.  To wait on God  and listen for His voice is vital for my walk with Him.

And, as I sit here praying in the silence of God’s voice, I realize a few other things….God is calming me in the silence, calming my restless mind and heart.  He’s dealing with my chaos so He can work.  For some reason I often treat him as an order taker who should deliver my “products” faster than Amazon….instead of relating to Him as the God I worship.  

I believe that He takes me through these times and to these places on purpose, so I can see HaloneIS glory and listen for His voice.  It’s only when I sit still that His still small voice can be heard over the roar of my world.

I live in a world of chaos, God wants me to rest in a world of calm. Sometimes that transition to a place of calm and peace is difficult. Sometimes the silence you have to endure can be painful.  

Regardless of the noise of this world, I am really trying to listen.

Are you?