Who Are You Meant to Be?

2014 is a weird time to be alive.

We’re more connected than ever, more aware of what others are doing with their lives than at any other point in history. The rise of social media and its integration into our daily lives make it so. There is no escape from it and there is no going back to way things used to be. There was a time when I could escape into my own little world and dream and pretend to be anyone I wanted to be.

Everywhere I turn in life I see confused people. People acting less and less like their true selves and more like other people whose lives they desperately crave. Facebook, its showcasing and highlighting of people’s lives, every minute detail, make it difficult not to compare and envy others. In truth, this is nothing new. 

In the attempt to give full disclosure, I spent the majority of my days of youth filled with visions of being Brooks Robinson, Johnny Unitas, Harold McGilton and Paul McCartney all rolled up into one person. Who are these people? Well they were people I dreamed of being at one point in my life. 

Once upon a time, I tried my best to be Brooks Robinson. Brooks Robinson was a Hall of Fame 3rd BasemanBrooks for the Baltimore Orioles. Knowscann as The Human Vacuum Cleaner, Brooks Robinson established a standard of excellence for modern-day third basemen. He played 23 seasons for the Orioles, setting Major League career records for games, putouts, assists, chances, double plays and fielding percentage. A clutch hitter, Robinson totaled 268 career home runs, at one time an American League record for third basemen. Robinson earned the league’s MVP Award in 1964 and the World Series MVP in 1970, when he hit .429 and made a collection of defensive gems.  I did not have to play very many games to realize that my dream to be the next Brooks Robinson wasn’t going to happen.

The same could be said for Johnny Unitas.  As a Sophomore in high school weighing ijohnnyun at just a Footballsmidgen  over 100 lbs, my career as a football player was short-lived. But that did not stop me from wanting to be just like him. “The Golden Arm” as he was known, amassed numerous records in his 17 years as the Quarter Back for the Baltimore Colts. Unitas’ career statistics include 40,239 yards and 290 touchdowns passing. A genuine team player, Unitas was a first- or second-team All-NFL choice eight years, selected NFL Player of the Year three times, and named to 10 Pro Bowls. That definitely wasn’t going to happen in my life.

I have written the most about my dream to be just like Harold McGilton. Who was Harold?  He was a Sprint Car Racer from Fremont, Ohio. Throughout his racing career, Harold won many features and set numerous track records. He was a two-time Track Champion at Fremont Speedway. To this very day I still dream about what it would be like to be strapped into a Sprint car and driving it into a 100 MPH slide through the turns of our local dirt track. Again… this dream would not become a reality.

Seriously. I spent a good portion of my younger life searching for a role that would encompass a little bit of these people into what I would do with my life but I never found it. When you are just not talented enough it kinda hinders the possibility of it happening. I mentioned earlier that I wanted to be the next Paul McCartney, but hearing my recorded voice told me that just wasn’t in the cards either. So I did what all die-hard, race car drivin, rock star football playin third basemen wannabees do. I quit trying.

What I needed was a good dose of self-analysis. I needed to figure out why I was here and what I have to give to this world we live in.  I had to stop trying to be someone I wasn’t ever going to be.

Have you ever lived a portion of your life dreaming about being someone you could not become?  Have you dreamed about doing something that just wasn’t possible? I am sure we all have.

The question remains, how many of us have been able to do exactly what you were meant to do?  Have you honestly been able to live a portion of your life where you were able to act upon that which you are passionate about? Have you ever been able to “be” what you were meant to be?

As an example, this past Sunday morning I watched the worship team at Grace Community (Click on Link) absolutely crush the worship set. We are beyond blessed with some incredibly talented people who serve on our Worship team. Every week they usher those that visit Grace Community into a heart of worship. They do it for 3 straight services.  Each one as strong as the next.  They are living what they are made to do. You can’t miss it. It oozes out of them. If you’ve been there, you know what I mean.

Here is a video from this past Christmas as the Worship Team was practicing the opening to our Christmas Services.

Thank you to our worship team for living in your sweet spot and doing what you were made for. It inspires others on so many levels. It goes beyond music and lyrics. It’s a contagious passion. You were made for it and you are living it.

As the years passed in my life, I am happy to say that for many years of my life, I was able to be Purposeand to do exactly what I felt I was meant to do in this life.  I found my path and I did exactly what God wanted me to do.

My prayer is that you find your path and be who you were meant to be. 

We all want to make the world a better place. We all want to mean something to other people. What that looks like differs for all of us, and sometimes it changes from one day, one month, and one year to the next.

But it’s up to us all individually to wake up every day and decide that those intentions are what really matter. It’s not the money, approval, acclaim, or anything else that might distract us from what we believe to be true. What matters is who God wants us to be, and what we do about it today.

Who do you want to be–and what will you do about it today?



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