The Truth Hurts

Truth HurtsThe truth hurts.

Here is the latest “truth” about blogs… people don’t read them!  

Wow, what was a surprise.

Not really… I have known this for quite sometime.

To be honest most of us write for ourselves and not so much for others anyway. 

But if people aren’t reading blogs anymore what is a better way to communicate?  How can we share our thoughts, our lives, our stories and be read by those who may need them?  

Do I stop because I am not having over 10,000 readers each month?

It seems Facebook fills some of that void, but Twitter and Instagram seem to be the new content zero sites people are using. What a day we are in.  Everyone is on the internet, but few are actually using it for blogornotyw3information.  Now it’s purpose is entertainment and communication.

However, I do receive feedback, every now and then, from someone who has been helped by this blog.

So, what do us bloggers do?  

Shall I continue?  

Should I find another vehicle to communicate?  

It seems, if no one is reading this, that the efforts are indeed for me alone, but if they help me is that enough? And, at the moment, I would say yes.  

These blogs have been a journey for me, a story of what God is doing in me.  If they help someone else great.  If not, I will write them anyway.  

God can sort all of that out.


One thought on “The Truth Hurts

  1. David,

    I still read blogs. But only good ones like yours! Ones that come from deep down within the heart.

    Most of us who write aren’t as brave or disciplined as you to ever even attempt to get a blog going. The only piece that I wrote and ever attempted to get circulated was one entitled “Was Steve Jobs a Christian”. I sent it to a friend who probably has an email list of about 200 and my mother and brother-in-law. I read it at a family reunion where there were quite a few unsaved kin. No results that I no of, but I am sure that God’s Word does not return void.

    I think you are right that many of us write for ourselves. I had a son killed in a car accident at age 21 and I wrote something then. I will never forget when I read the Pastor’s funeral outline that he had entitled it, “Words from a Grieving Father.” I hadn’t really thought of it that way, but that is probably exactly what it was.

    So I vote for you to keep blogging away. I know it will help you and based on past experience it will be helpful to me and I suspect many others as well.


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