Day: April 13, 2014

He’ll Take Care of the Rest

If you watch the news it’s easy to panic. The world seems out of control and panic, fear, worry are all emotions that come when it seems anarchy is imminent.

But it’s ok….God IS in charge.

Nothing is out of control, it’s ok.

As I read scripture there is one thing that is very clear…  God is sovereign and all the chaos you see is not God’s doing, but He is sovereign over it all. Rulers are placed in their roles by Him (see Daniel 11), nations have their existence because of Him, the events of history do not catch Him by surprise….He’s a “hands on” God, fully capable to handling the world’s problems.

panicThe world we live in is in full panic mode because it seems “wicked men” rule and chaos is looming near, but don’t forget….it’s ok, God’s in charge. Even the apparent wicked ruler you see in different places around the globe is there by divine appointment to accomplish His will, His plan, to bring glory to His Son.

Relax, God has everything fully under control…..the government, the leaders, the weather, global warming, prices at the pump, your job, your life, you future…all of it….God’s in charge.

So what do we do????

We need to share our relationship with Christ and make disciples, be ready when He comes and present to Him a life of trust and obedient response to His one command to His disciples…the final words…go into all the world and make disciples. That is His goal…the redemption of the lost man and He has given us that one task.

Why are we so busy with so many other things He never told us to do? 

Why are we worried about all the rest? It’s ok, God’s in charge, focus on the one thing he has told us to do and don’t worry… He’ll take care of the rest.

So… sit back, relax and listen one of my favorite songs by the incomparable Keith Green.