Easter… Just Live It

So tonight as I was winding down from an incredibly beautiful day at my in-laws and playing with my grandsons. I really wasn’t going to write any thing but then I thought more about how I pressed pause during this week of Easter to reflect on the grace that was poured out on Good Friday and the hope of Easter Sunday.

I started asking myself on how do you wrap this up?  How do you put a bow on all that we’ve examined and reflected upon?  What is the truth that you take away and apply until next Easter?

I thought more about what to say, how to say it and how to wrap it all up.

It was then when something so simple came to me.

“Just Live it.”

As I reflect on those three words a bit, I think what it means is that if we don’t accept the grace we’ve been given and live it outLive it each day, it doesn’t mean much.  Imagine if we all “lived out” the grace we’ve been given and applied it to those we impact each day.   Imagine if our words and our actions were grace giving.   I can think of no better way to honor the gift of grace than to give it away.

We celebrated a risen Savior that is very much alive and interceding for each one of us. Today we celebrated a grace we’ll never fully understand this side of heaven.  Let’s do our best to walk out that grace as our way of saying “thank you” to the one that paid it all.

Christ is Risen.

God is Not Dead!!!

Easter 2014 has come and we celebrated the Resurrection. When you think about it, there’s a little bit of Easter in every single day. We wake up to a new invitation to begin again – whole and healed… shameless, courageous, empowered, and loved… A divine do over, but this time with a wisdom we didn’t have before, and help we could never afford. Ours, if we only ask, believe and just live it.

That is Amazing Grace.


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