Live What You Believe

The month of July seemed to just fly by.  My wife and I have been so busy this summer that I am afraid we are going to be knee deep in snow before we know it.  I really have not had time to write like I used to julybut I guess that is alright because we have accomplished so much this summer.  My wife and I have purged the house of  “stuff” we have accumulated over the years.  We had an epic garage sale that was one for the history books.  We had a tremendous turnout to the sale and it was a great success.

Somewhere along the line I had another birthday come and go.  I am at the point in my life that I really don’t pay any attention to the birthdays as they come and go.  About the only thing I look forward to is some of the “Happy Birthday” notes sent to me from friends and family.  One of those wishes came from a friend from my college years that I had lost contact with over the years and I was surprised to hear from him. 

He asked if I had any wisdom to impart that I’ve gained in my many years.

My first response and thought was nope.

I pondered what I could possibly share. What wisdom have I gained? What words can I share that I haven’t already shared?

I’ve got nothing.

I’ve spent weeks since my birthday, going round and round about what I could write that would express the wisdom I have gained in my 50 plus years. What I have learned in these years that I can pass on to my grandchildren and anyone else that might read this?

Then today it hit me….while I was thinking back to a friend that had a birthday close to mine.  Sadly he is no longer here.  We lost him all too soon.  I thought back to the words I spoke at his funeral.

A simple sentence that I still believe sums it all up…

You can say what you think but you’ll live what you believe.

LiveBelieveThat’s it. It’s funny that I share that in a blog post. I’ve said multiple times that it is really easy to sit behind the keyboard and act like you’ve got the world on a string. For over 5 years I have posted thoughts and hopefully, shared the struggles too.  Social media has exploded over the years.  Now more than ever before I believe that statement has to be our filter. It’s easy to only post the great moments, the times when everything is going great.  But it is hard to write and share when things are going horribly wrong.  Hopefully you’ve seen my not so great moments through the words I write.  Hopefully, everyone will see my intent is to live what I believe and that the words I wrote were not just words on a page.

Either way, I hope that whenever my number is called and the Lord calls me home, those that knew me personally or from afar will all be able to say the same thing.  I hope they will say that I said what I thought and it matched the way that I lived and what I believed.

I hope you’ll see that I didn’t just speak highly of my wife, I honestly treasure and honor her above all others.

I hope you’ll see that I wasn’t bragging on my kids and my grandchildren, I made it my goal to treasure each moment and never leave a doubt in their mind as to how I felt about them.

I hope you’ll see that I didn’t throw around the word “friend” like it’s something you accept on a social media site. I believed that relationships are important and that people – no matter who they are – matter.

I hope you’ll see that I didn’t just talk about faith to be high and mighty. I live a life filled with questions, doubts, struggles, fears and wrestled through the journey to be not high and mighty, but second and humble.

So that’s the best I’ve got.

The calendar turned on me and I am another year older.

It’s another chance to say what I think and most importantly….

Live what I believe.


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