You Got Me?

The first time I knew that he said it was on June 1st, 2014.  My son-in-law, Clay and my grandson, Indy were at Cedar Point when they were getting ready to go on a roller coaster.

Clay tweeted the following…

Melt your heart moment of the day: on a little kid coaster Indy grabbed my arm tight and said,

“You got me Daddy?”

Since then my wife Pam and I have heard him say this a number of times.  He has even directly asked me that.  I was upstairs in the bedrooindy44m, Brody and Indy were playing and wrestling around on the bed.  I was there keeping a close eye on them to make sure they did not get too rough.  Indy was being very careful to not fall down and he was unsure of his footing.  He looked up at me and asked, “You got me, Grandpa?”  I said, “Sure Buddy… I got you.”   He looked at me with a smile and with confidence in his eyes continued to play, knowing that his grandpa was watching over him.  I smiled back at him and made sure that he was safe and that he was not going to hurt himself.  I never really gave it another thought.  It was just another cute comment that I have heard come from Indy since he could talk.

Then a few days ago, “Grammy” (Vickie Kirchenbauer), posted  the following on Facebook:

Lessons from Little ones..…When Indy is nervous, afraid or unsure he will say to one of us, “You got me?”. Of course we always answer, “Yes Buddy we got you!” He doesn’t question how, analyze the process we choose to use or worry whether we heard him…… he just simply trusts us to take care of him and confidently moves on.

We can do the same!! Whether we are sad, afraid, unsure, discouraged or whatever is heavy on our hearts, we can say to our Father…..”You got me?” His answer is ALWAYS, YES!!

The truth of Vickie’s post hit me like a ton of bricks.  

I missed the truth that was found in the words of my grandson.

Many times in our life, when things become difficult, we consume our life with worry.  We allow the strife of this life to overtake us and all too soon we begin to doubt that there is anyone who really cares.  Discouragement, hurt, resentment and regret cause us to lose sight of the fact that God, our Father, has all of this under control.  He always keeps us in the protective shield of His love for us.  So we can honestly ask God, “You got me?” and the answer is always YES!!!!

Thank you Vickie for the reminder…



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