My Christmas Wish For You

In the midst of this Christmas season,I want to take a moment to honestly share my Christmas wish christmas_wishfor you. I post this to serve as a reminder of something we already know, but so easily lose sight of in the hustle and bustle.

Christmas is not about the gifts you’ll give, or the things you’ll receive.

It’s not about the miles you’ll put on your car, or packing your bags for the flight home.

It’s not about throwing the perfect party, or wrapping a box with the perfect bow.

Your checklist will betray you.

It’s about the time you’ll spend with family who feel like friends, apresentnd friends who feel like family.

It’s about the thought you’ll put into choosing the perfect gift, and the effort you’ll put into assembling a new toy.

It’s about visiting someone who is lonely, baking cookies for a neighbor, or giving to someone in need.

It’s about Love.

Most importantly, it’s about the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.  I hope this year you will accept Him into your life as your Lord and Savior. Nothing you do this Christmas would be greater than doing just that.

You’ll soon forget the gifts themselves.  

You won’t remember how the table was set, or if the room was perfectly decorated. 

But you won’t forget the feeling.  

You won’t forget the laughter, the conversation, the kindness, the thought.

You won’t forget the love.

Don’t miss it this Christmas.

Accept the salvation that is found in Jesus Christ and love one another.

That’s my Christmas wish for you.

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