Each Time This Light Flashes Another Soul Passes Into Eternity Without Christ

For the past few weeks, I have had some really strange dreams.  They are a mishmash of memories of my past all thrown into some strange current situation where I have no idea what is going on.

For example, a few nights ago I was dreaming that I was doing my current job but was sitting in my old office at the school.  I was trying to get in contact with my current employees but all I saw were my former students. 


I haven’t dreamed about the school for a long-long time.  

Then last night I was dreaming that I was standing in the lobby of the church I grew up in.  I was staring at a red light that was flashing on a table of a visiting missionary.  The missionary was there that day to share his ministry and what he was doing in some far off land.  The red light flashing represented a soul that had passed on to face eternity.

It was a  déjà vu moment for me.

Because many years ago, when I was a teenager, I attended this service.  I don’t remember the message, but I do remember the little red flashing light. This little light was on with these words below it-

“Each time this light flashes another soul passes into eternity without Christ.”

My first thought was, “Oh, that’s a neat thing.” But, after taking my seat in the service it started to bother me. Often, during the service, I would look back at the light and it was still blinking. My thoughts ran from, “I wish that would stop!” to “What if I just unscrew the bulb?” and “how can we just sit here and ignore that light?”

That little red flashing light, meant to communicate the need for mred lightissions, has been an ever-flashing light in my life to remind me of the crisis of humanity and that people are dying without Christ.

What seemed like a neat idea at first started to really convict me.  Have I done my part in reaching others for Christ? I try to convince myself that I have… or at least tried to.  I know that God knows the truth, but that doesn’t keep me from trying to tell a lie.

It’s amazing how we can convince ourselves that God doesn’t know that we tell Him lies. We also think He believes them.

To be honest, this flashing red light has bothered me for many decades. How many of those flashes represented people I was responsible for? How many of them were not supposed to flash because I did not do my part?

How about you? What is your responsiblity to the flashing red light?

I think that some dreams are placed in our sleep by God to get our attention.

So today, once more, maybe for the 10,000th time, I’m thinking of that little flashing light that has been flashing in my mind and heart for these many decades and I need to be honest about what I am going to do to make that light flash a little slower.

May our prayer be that we would be part of God’s plan to help the many we meet not be one of those eternal flashes.

One thought on “Each Time This Light Flashes Another Soul Passes Into Eternity Without Christ

  1. Could the flashing red light from your past, been a seed of fear and a lie from the enemy that it is up to you to save lost souls. When my dad was dying, he told me he saw a white light and a red light. The red light scared me. I’d never heard of it before. A year later I read about a vision a woman had of a white light and red light streaming from the heart of Jesus-the water and the blood. I was so comforted by this. Maybe you could “renew your mind” with the truth that Jesus’ blood is the red light streaming (not blinking, never stopping) but pouring out upon you and on me to save us and all those we love. Remember Jesus asking Peter if he loved him. he knew Peter loved him. He knows you love Him. And he says, lovingly, “Feed my sheep.” It seems to me that is what you are doing. Have no fear, little one. There is no fear in love. Perfect love casts out all fear.

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