Month: May 2015

The Next Big Thing

I am sure that the next “Big Thing” isn’t going to happen for me.

It doesn’t really matter what the “Big Thing” is — I know what it was and it’s time I moved on.

Next-BigIt has been a nice journey… as the days, months, and then years passed by, I began to see that I wanted the “Big Thing” because I believed it would make me happy. It was something that I wanted and I have come to the conclusion that it wasn’t something that God wanted for me. I began to notice that the harder I worked to get the “Big Thing”, the more frustrated and miserable I became.  Basically, God was being kind enough to protect me from getting the very thing I was seeking.

It has been a long ride… but the truth is something changed during the long wait.

I’m sure you can relate to wanting something, then praying, waiting, and nothing happening.

It leaves you feeling like God is either ignoring you or punishing you for wanting it too badly.

Granted, over the years, I still did what I could to make the “Big Thing” happen, but as time passed I stopped feeling that I “had” to have it.  I stopped striving so hard for it.  I discovered that my significance is not wrapped up in having the “Big Thing” but the joy is and was in the journey to find myself and to grow in the grace of God.  

As I began waiting on God, rather than anxiously waiting on the “Big Thing”, my joy grew deeper, because my joy wasn’t dependent on His giving me the “Big Thing”, it was being dependent on Him. That was something I had forgotten all those years ago when I was running fromthe-next-big-thing-logo God.  

No, the “Big Thing” wasn’t meant to be. That doesn’t mean I haven’t been wonderfully rewarded for waiting on God.  As I have waited, my great reward has been knowing that God loves me and that I don’t need anything except Him to make me feel significant. And that was more reward than I could ever ask for. 

As I look back, that was probably the “Big Thing” that God had intended for me all along.

So… what’s next for me?  I don’t know.

I guess and I’ll just wait to see what the “Next Big Thing”  God has in store for me.