Day: December 3, 2015

God Wins. I Promise.

The world is a hard, difficult place.

It is easy to seeGod Wins that with the events unfolding in San Bernardino, Paris and Beirut.

My heart is heavy watching the news.  I try to imagine what I would do in such a situation.

I pray my family will never have to face such terror.

I want to blame someone.  I can’t.

I want to fix it.  I can’t.


Because I believe that none of these horrific events are a surprise to God. They have taken place since the beginning of time. Why they are allowed to happen is a question I will never really understand.

But this is what I do know…

Men are Fallen 


We have good days and many blessings, to be sure, especially living as Christians in the United States.  But we don’t have to look far to see a darker side of life around the world and here as well. Poverty, abuse, disaster, tragedy, corruption, violence, and sin are parts of our daily life. 

It surrounds us like never before.

How do we answer and live in these times?Fear1

The only answer that keeps filtering through my mind is that God did not give us a Spirit of Fear.  We need to trust Him.  We need to understand that His ways are not our ways.

When the evil of this world and sin press in so close to home, it feels much more personal.  We want to protect, and many times we have a gut reaction of anger, indignation and fear.

I get it.  

We want what is right and pure and holy to prevail.  

And it will.  

In the end…

God wins.  

I promise.