Day: March 12, 2016

Too Much Stuff

I’ve come to the conclusion that one of my greatest enemies is stuff.

The desire for stuff.too_much_stuff
The need for stuff.

Having a place to put my stuff.

I look around my office and all I see is my stuff.

Stuff like clothes, computers, phones, cameras, video games, DVD’s, extra shoes, books, and a thousand other things.

I keep too much stuff.

Our house is full of my stuff.
We have no more room for my stuff.

And yet, every day in every media we are told… YOU NEED MORE STUFF!

I’m tired of all the stuff. I wish I could get rid of it all and just have the bare necessities…the things I really need.

A simple life is so appealing right now.

Having all this stuff, paying for all this stuff, finding places for my stuff is overwhelming.

But tomorrow new stuff will be available, stuff I don’t know I need yet, and once more the desires are kindled. The ads will tell me that I really need this, I must have that, my life won’t be complete without this new stuff.

Doesn’t this all sound crazy?

Now for the challenge of getting rid of all my stuff.
Anyone want some?