Right to Write

A few years ago, I found that I was getting really hung up on how many people were reading my blog. I was getting frustrated because for the first time since I started writing, my readership had plateaued. I was being told in some of the comments that my writings were the “stain on the white shirt of society” (and this was from someone I knew).

There is no question that the amount of visitors to this blog are slowing down.  Last month was the lowest monthly readers since August of 2010.  

I’ve wrestled with just stopping. Just not posting anything new. 

Would anyone notice? Who would miss it?

Truth be told, I have found myself struggling with coming up with something new.  I just discovered that my last post, “Too Much Stuff” was a topic I wrote about a few years ago and I used the same title on both of them. 

Maybe I have come full circle.  Maybe I have said all that I can say to someone else.

I found myself tempted to pander to the lowest common denominator just to get more traffic. 

Maybe write about politics (blah), sports or maybe food (blah, blah).

Not a chance.

I had to ask myself, “Would I rather be read by a bigger audience for something I don’t care writing about, or a smaller or non-existent audience for something I do care writing about?”

My right to write is mine alone… even if no one ever reads it.

I write for me.  If you like to read my writings then good.  If not, so be it.

That quickly put things in perspective.

It may be a few days or a few months before I post again, either way it’s “my write”.


One thought on “Right to Write

  1. Never, never, never give up 🙂 You actually have a gift to write eloquently and with passion. It’s in your heart and it needs to come out. There may be a lull with your current readers right now, and I’m sure more will find you.

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