Faith and Doubt

Have you ever doubted your faith?

Have you ever wonde if all of this is true or just a grand fantasy?

If you are really honest, doubt is part of your journey, part of the journey to faith.

“And when they saw him, they worshipped him: but some doubted.”  Matthew 28:17

As I read this passage from Matthew this morning, I was once more amazed to read that men who had been with Jesus for more than three years, who had seen miracles… eyes opened, lepers healed, dead men raised, Jesus walking on water and so much more… now find themselves doubting.

Can this all really be true?  Is it a grand fantasy or is it real?

I love the honesty of the Bible that God would tell us about these first doubters… that even they wondered “is this really true?”

How do we answer these doubts?  If you haven’t had them, you will.  

If you have children, they will go through them.  Anyone coming to God through Christ will struggle with doubt.  Some of it is honest inquiry, some of it is the enemy challenging your faith and some is our attempt to work through our own faith issues.

Doubt, it’s a feeling of uncertainty or lack of conviction, a question that is struggling for an answer.

It’s real.

Now what?

When it comes go to God, be honest, test His word, test your questions.  Investigate the history of your faith.  God will never be offended at your questions.  He welcomes them, He knows they are there and this faith of ours can stand the test of evidence.

Doubting?  That’s fine, now investigate, see if this is true or not.  You will find your faith stronger for the experience.

God is bigger than your doubts.

Life is short, eternity is long. This eternity thing is too important to not know for sure where you will be spending it.

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