The Sad Reality

The sad reality was made evident to me this week.  

I have been trying to collect all of the pictures, letters and anything else that I could find that belonged to my grandparents.  I know where most of these are in my house but I have few letters and pictures stuffed away in a few drawers.

I am shocked at the fact that all I have from them would not fill up an old shoe box. 

How do the lives of family members get reduced to a few pictures and a letter or two?

I look around my office and just about everything I see will be tossed aside at some point.  Either before I die or shortly thereafter, each of the collectibles that sit on my shelves that I held of value (because of the memory attached to it) will be bagged up and set out on the street to be collected with that weeks garbage.   

Pretty much… all of it will be whittled down to some pictures and maybe a letter or two.Image result for old Shoebox full of junk

When all is said and done everything important about us will fit in a small box.

It’s an amazing insight.  Our lives in a small box.  In it paperwork and personal effects of the sum of a life once lived.

It’s rather sad that we leave such a small footprint on the planet, but it’s true.  

Most of the things that will be kept by our children and grandchildren will fit into a small shoe box.

The rest is found in the hearts and memories of those who knew us.  

Our “Legacy” is one generation long, perhaps two at best and then our photos will be the evidence of a life once lived. Memories left in a box for others to discover. Memories fade in the next generation… the stories will blur and in time these too will fade into the past.

One memory will last a generation maybe two. Then we become a slot on our families genealogical tree. The date of our birth, the dash and then the date of our death.

Now I know this is a depressing post. But it is the truth.  It happens to all of us.

In light of this sad reality, I am glad God knows us.

God remembers us and celebrates our lives as we live with and for Him.  

Every name is remembered, every deed done for Him written down, every life important.

In this life, it may all fit in a small shoe box, but there… where God rules, every life, every name, every action and deed remembered and celebrated by a God who loves us.

Never forgotten.

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