The Waiting is The Hardest Part

Waiting on God.  

What a strange idea.

Image result for the waiting is the hardest partIt’s as if the God who is beyond time would ever be late, but we wait.

We wait for His answers, His provision and His arrival.  

It seems that all of the Christian life involves waiting on God, but it’s more than that… it’s about our focus, our dependence.  

It’s about His direction.  

Waiting on God keeps my focus, my dependence, my eyes on Him.

Waiting for Him to provide, to help, to come, to work…

Waiting on the one who always meets our needs.  

And yet, we wait.  

It feels that God is late, but how could He be?  

He knows my need, He knows me.  

And so I trust.

I watch.

I wait.

I wait for the only one who can help me… the God of all creation.  

Waiting… it’s the hardest part.

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