Follow Your Dreams of us have big dreams.  Many of those dreams involve becoming rich and famous, winning the Powerball lottery, becoming a star athlete, or marrying a celebrity.

I hate to burst your bubble, but the odds of these types of dreams coming true for most of us are pretty much impossible.

One of my many secret dreams as a child was t become a member and sing with the Motown group, The Temptations. In my dreams, I had the dance moves down.  I could sing all the parts and I wrote all of the music.

The reality was not so convincing when I would really take a look at my dance moves and listen to my singing ability in front of a mirror in my bedroom growing up.

It was not pretty. 

None of it.

But the fact that I was white (that in of itself would have kept me from becoming a Temptation, even if I could dance and sing) and that I was a member of an Independent Fundamentalist Baptist church, proved that I had no rhythm and could not sing as good as I did in my dreams.

But, like many childhood fantasies, I still have those dreams every once in a while.  I wake up the next morning feeling sad because I was only dreaming.  But the sadness only lasts until the next dream emerges.

But there are dreams that are not tied to childhood fantasy.  Dreams that God has placed in you.  Dreams of what God can do within you.

As I pass people on the street, I can’t help but wonder about the dreams of the people I pass. Have their childhood fantasies been realized? Do their lives resemble anything close to those dreams, or have they taken on new aspirations?

We all dream, and the capacity for dreaming and pursuing those dreams is a gift God has given each of us.

These types of dreams come from deep inside, and they inspire us to do and be better.

They offer us significance, legacy, and a life well lived.

They put our mark on the world and prove that what we do matters.

Every person is born to pursue them; but, unlike the childhood dreams that are fantastical and out of reach, these dreams absolutely can come true.

We are on this earth for a purpose. What we do and how we live matters, not just to us but to those on the receiving end of our realized dreams.

And it matters to God.Image result for discover your purpose

The greatest discovery you can make is to learn what God has created you to accomplish. When you discover your purpose, pursue it with diligence, and see the effects and power of that pursuit, you experience the adventure of a lifetime!

So… follow your dreams… maybe one day you will find a place where your dreams and reality become one.

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