And I Won’t Forget

Image result for 9/11

What kind of world would it be now?

Everything was going to change.

For awhile it did.

We were just getting familiar with “high speed” internet.

Social media and the keyboards we hide behind didn’t exist yet. Our cell phones were dumb.

Our TV’s were fat and we were all maybe a little thinner.

There were no planes in the sky. There was a slight breeze and I remember it like it was yesterday. I didn’t sleep well that night. The fear of protecting my wife and my family kept me up most of the night.

I still can’t sleep some nights wondering how I can protect my wife and my growing family. My kids are now grown and starting families of the own.

Our TV’s are now thinner and we’re all a little bigger.

Our cell phones are smart now and we hide behind keyboards on social media and say horrible things to one another.

Actually, we don’t even hide behind keyboards anymore.

Now we shout our beliefs so loud that our targets can’t even hear us.

And I think back to this picture

And I won’t forget how for a moment we all pressed pause…

To love our neighbor as ourselves. To open doors and show kindness.

To hold those we love a little bit tighter.

The world changed that day.

And I won’t forget.

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