Month: March 2020

We’re Winning This Game

How you doing?

For so many with high anxiety, depression and general fears, this is so hard.

I am no exception.Tell Us Your COVID Concerns and Clinical Tips | Psychiatric Times

There’s no end date. 

We don’t know the outcome.

We’re facing something we’ve never seen before. Businesses small and large are facing challenges they never predicted.

Can I offer a word of encouragement and maybe a charge for when we come out of this?

Some you know I coached basketball for many years.  I loved it. When I quit coaching, it became one of my life regrets, because I always wished I would have coached longer.

It never leaves you. It is in my blood. It will always be a part of me.

I learned so much through coaching.

They say basketball is a game of runs.

Basketball Hoop 2A game can sometimes just flow… everything is working.

Offense. Defense.

Your team instinctively runs the plays you have practiced all week and it all comes together in a wonderful, climatic, easy, exciting portion of the game.

Then… it hits you when are not ready for it. The opponent now gets their run of things. Suddenly your team forgets everything they have been coached. They forget the fundamentals of basketball and as a coach, you wonder why you put the effort in at all.

Mind you… this all takes place in the time span of about 6 or 7 minutes… sometimes even in a shorter period of time.

What do you do as a coach?

You call TIMEOUT!Coaching

You call timeout to stop the momentum.

You call timeout to get control.

You call timeout to take a breath.

You call timeout to regroup.

You know it’s no different than with what we are experiencing now.

The reality is that we have been on a pretty good roll. Life was cruising with a few bumps here and there. Then it happened. Our opponent just hit us with something we never saw coming. It happened so fast. In just a few moments, we got hit with a run. The gym is loud. We’re looking to one another to try to figure it out. The score is changing, and momentum just went to the other team.

Every coach and armchair quarterback at home knows what you have to do and do it fast…

You call TIMEOUT!

You call timeout to stop the momentum.

You call timeout to get control.

You call timeout to take a breath.

You call timeout to regroup.

Across the nation and world, we just reached the huddle.

KBA Basketball Coaches Clipboard Playmaker & Case - ...So, let me grab the clipboard and do some coaching if it’s okay…

My basketball coach friends will know what an “ATO” is. It’s known as the “after-timeout” play.

When you burn a precious timeout, especially to stop a run, a great ATO can make all the difference in the world. In a close game, an ATO could make the difference between a win or a loss.

If I was facing the nation right now, I would use this timeout to draw up an ATO that would be aggressive, strong and take back control of the game. I would look the nation in the eye in the huddle and say that “when we come out of this, WE ARE WINNING THIS GAME!” We’re going to win it because we are going to punch back with everything that got us here. We’re going to work together as a team. We’re going to rely on each other and when we get tired, we’re going to sub in another player with just as much energy.

When we come out of this… we’re winning this game.

To the small business owner facing an unknown future… when we come out of this, we’re winning this game!

To all those that got let go from their job (including me)… when we come out of this, we’re winning this game!

To the students that lost seasons, proms, graduations and so many other things… when we come out of this, we’re winning this game!

To all you on the front lines in healthcare, first responders and in the supply chain… when we come out of this (because of YOUR efforts), we’re winning this game!

To the teachers using technology to reach students and keep them engaged… when we come out of this, we’re winning this game!

To this nation that is reeling from a run from the opponent, when we come out of this…we’re winning this game!

Friends, we are in a timeout. It's a scary time to be an official': Refs call foul after two ...

Be thankful for it. 

It’s tough.

Our team is tired.

We’re depleted.

In some cases, we’re even in some foul trouble.

Take a deep breath…

Because when we come out of this timeout…


Wishing For More Time

I’m not sure about anyone else that reads this, but for so long I found myself out of time.

There’s only so much time in a day.

Living fast and furious is no way to spend your days. It takes a toll mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

So often I just wished for more time.Image result for clock

I wished for a chance to just press pause.

Enter Unemployment.


Enter Covid-19

A few weeks ago, I was watching Duke play what would be turn out to be the last college basketball game of the year. I, like everyone else, watched as tweet after tweet rocked the world with cancellations, suspensions, postponements, and announcements. The NBA, NHL, MLB, NCAA Tournament, NASCAR, HS Championships and schools closed in a single tweet.


Just wow.

Last night I was sitting in a quiet home and had the following thought…

Image result for Hall PassThis might sound silly but suddenly we have all been given a “hall pass” for the thing we can all use and that is the gift of time. Maybe it’s a few more minutes at the dinner table. Maybe it’s time to read that book or watch that movie at home.

Maybe it’s time to write a post on your long-forgotten blog (fingers pointed squarely at me). I don’t know what it means for you or your family, but I do know that we have it.

For such a time as this, we have a gift of pause. Use it!

Read a book.

Do a puzzle.

Play Guitar (or learn to… I know a good teacher).

Play Piano (or learn to).

Catch up on the “Honey Do” list.

Reconnect with your kids and grandkids.

Start a new hobby.





Be where your feet are.

Pray more.

Image result for running out of timeMaybe turn off your devices.


You get the idea. In our busy lives, it’s not often we get a chance to course-correct.


Choose today to not see these moments as a distraction.

Choose joy.

Choose to accept this as a gift and embrace the moments.

Before you know it, we will all be back to wishing we had more time.