Steps Taken

I wish I could tell you there was a specific day when I looked at the watch, and knew the exact time when it all changed but I can’t.

I took a step.

I would go look in the mirror to make sure I was still the same. It was a waste of time because even though I see myself every day and never noticed a difference. Only old photo albums will ever tell the truth.

I took another step.

I am carrying a backpack, one that is full of yesterday’s discoveries.   I am making space for tomorrow’s unknowns. Never really worrying about today. Just feeling lost while being in the present not knowing I am here until I realize I was.

I take another step.

The future seems further away than ever
even if I’m closer now than before.
Maybe I should’ve copied someone else’s paper
back when they had us write down our dreams
instead of scribbling down anything
because I was told I could be anything.

I take another step.

Some people are happy.
Some people are sad.
Is the future all a lie?
Covered up with fake smiles and money
because we have to do something
instead of anything.

I take another step

Remember the song on the playground
about love and a baby carriage?
It’s not as funny anymore
some of the ears that heard those words
now see them with their eyes
and feel them every day with their heart.

I take another step.

I told my kids to grow up.  They don’t know what that means.
So, they dressed a certain way and used words they didn’t know the meanings to.
Until the day finally comes, when life steals their childhood for good.

I take another step.

We are told to never compare ourselves to others.
Yet everyone always feels the need to ask questions
just to see if they are winning the race.
It’s all a little game
meant to build up egos and tear down others.
All in the name of being polite.

I take another step.

None of this mattered a short time ago.
Answers were never needed for a list of questions
nor were explanations given to the unseen and unheard.
It is a different world now
and my age is the all access pass
that I can never refund.

I take another step

With all the time that passes,
I move further away from the person I was
and closer to the person I will be.
Always being the person I am
it’s the only way I’ll ever get there is
one foot in front of the other.

Steps taken.

One step at a time.

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