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In Case You Missed It

This past weekend was the Christian celebration of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  It is what we call Easter.  In the midst of the chocolate and the bunnies, jelly beans  and the Cadbury eggs, I wanted to remind everyone that the reason for the celebration was much more than an egg hunt and a family get together. 

I am afraid that you missed it and in case you did I wanted to give you a chance to be reminded of the reality of the resurrection of Christ.   It’s a celebration of so much more than we can even explain or think about in a Sunday afternoon.  The bottom line is that it’s about God’s love for us.   Because He loved us He came, became one of us, died for our sins, and then rose to give us His life and hope for the future.   It was all because of His love that the events of the last weekend happened more than 2,000 years ago.

The greatest truth of Easter is that God loves you.  In fact, His love is the reason for the Christian faith.   I can’t think of another religion on the planet that declares, as the Christian faith does, that our God loves us and that’s why Jesus became a man and died just for us.  

It’s an amazing story all based on love.  

No other faith has such a reason for its existence.  

No other religion has a God passionately in love with His creation as the God of the Bible.

Personally, this message is my greatest solace.   It’s core to my faith.   It defines who I am.

There is a simple verse that every Christian knows, but most miss the heart behind God’s actions….

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

It was love that put this whole Jesus story into action and it was a love eternally working in past history. That’s the entire message of the Bible – God loves us.   It’s the golden thread woven throughout the Bible. And it’s what keeps drawing me closer to Him.   As I grow closer to God I see him not as a judge, a fearsome God waiting to punish me, but I see a loving Father waiting to embrace me…..with all my messy life included.

God loves me.  He loves you. 

In case you missed it…that’s the message of Easter.


The Easter Bunny, Cadbury Eggs and The Resurrection of Christ

A curious time of year, Easter.  I often wonder why it’s done in the way that it is?   We have delicious chocolate eggs, bunny rabbits of all shapes and sizes, some people get some time off work to ‘celebrate’ the holiday, but for many that’s about it.  So I am not going to waste my time trying the demonize the Easter bunny or Cadbury Eggs.  The sad truth is…is that I love Cadbury eggs.  I am just not sure what they have to do with Easter.

As someone who believes in the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ, I feel somewhat ashamed that at times the above has often been my focus during this time of year.  No different from how at times I have lost the focus on what Christmas is all about as well.  When people compare Easter and Christmas it’s easy to see which holiday is the favorite.   Christmas = presents (and for most people, lots of ‘em!).  It’s a joyous occasion when we spend time with friends and family, eat lots of great food and chill out after a gruelling year at work.   Easter’s just a long weekend for most people, isn’t it?

But as I get older I am finding myself really believing that Easter is my favorite holiday.  The story of Easter remains the more inspirational to me and it gives all of us a greater hope.

Don’t get me wrong, I love both times of year.   But I’m less passionate about a time of year when I can either give or receive presents in celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.   I am now more interested in celebrating  His death on the cross and His resurrection.  For it is through His death and the resurrection that I have hope of salvation. This is awesome news for people who don’t know God.   I’d much rather they got this gift of salvation than a tie at Christmas.

The story of Jesus is that He came to earth as God born of a woman.  He lived without sin yet was murdered on a Cross. He died but rose from death three days afterward conquering Satan, sin and death – this is the greatest story of all! Without the resurrection of Jesus Christ, we have no hope.

Let’s not forget what Easter is really about.   It’s not the eggs, or the rabbits.   It’s not about getting some time off work. It’s not even about religion.   It’s about Jesus.   It’s about what He did on the Cross, dying for our sins, so that whoever believes in Him should have eternal life.

Easter is all about Jesus and His Resurrection

Resurrection!  We don’t talk about it much except for a few days around Easter and maybe if we hear a message on Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead.  Of course the whole Lazarus thing was different, because Lazarus didn’t get a new body, he got his old one back and eventually had to die again.  Bummer for him!  But when we come to the resurrection of Jesus, who had been in a grave for 3 days, we should take notice.  It was such a significant event that the early Christians met weekly together to celebrate the resurrection.  They knew that this changed everything.

There is now a guarantee that the grace Jesus offered is real and that we can count on the forgiveness of our sins, healing, and restoration.   All of the teachings, the truths, and how Jesus lived his life becomes absolutely critical to who we are as followers of Jesus.  Facing the future is now something to look forward to, because resurrection with a new re-created body and life forever is in store for everyone who whole-heartedly follows Jesus.  That is good news!  That is the purpose of the Easter Holiday!  That…is the reason to celebrate His Resurrection.