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Is Your Tank Spiritually Empty?

Only a few more days until Christmas.   It seems hard to believe but another year has passed by and I am putting up the same Christmas decorations that I swear I had just put away the other day.

This year, I think that my wife has personally tried to end the current economic crisis all by herself.  She pretty much cleared out the mall in Washington D.C. on Black Friday and more recently in Toledo.

With that in mind, have you checked out the price of gas these days?

Now I try to economize as much as possible.   I look at every gas station I pass on my way to work, checking out which one has the lowest price; and then, on my way back home, I pull into the best option and fill‘er up.   Loyalty to certain brands plays a bit of a role in my choice; but I still try to find the lowest price.  Lately,  I find that I’ve been filling up more frequently, because eight gallons feels less painful than fifteen.   Plus, I don’t want to get caught short.  So, it’s become a habit.   I regularly check to see what’s in my tank.

When I was younger, I would risk it and try to see how far I could go without running out.  More times than not I would make it.  It was sort of exciting to push the limits and make it.   However,  the thrill of taking these chances and pushing the limits of your car’s ability to run on empty sometimes got the best of me.   I made the mistake of risking it and paying the price of a long walk in the middle of the night to get some gas.

It reminds me of a favorite Seinfeld episode…
When I look back at those times,  when I would risk running out of gas, I see an immature young man that did not really have to face any real consequences for the choices he made.   If I did not make it, well then, I had no one else to blame.  However, it didn’t take too many of those walks on a lonely highway in the middle of the night to teach me to make sure I had enough gas to get to my destination.  I guess that is the process of growing and maturing.   I had walked enough miles to allow myself to learn a lesson.  Now when I see my gas tank hit a quarter tank I start to sweat and try to find a gas station before I find myself walking along another lonely highway.


Most of the time, I realize that what we do in our normal, daily lives often has an application to our spiritual lives.  Take my experience with checking my gas tank. Physical fuel is a must to keep a car running.   But what about your soul?  What does it take to keep it running?   What is in your spiritual tank that keeps you running and serving the Lord?  My experience, both personally and what I have observed from others,  is that we don’t keep our spiritual tanks full and we risk living our life with empty spiritual gas tanks.

What do you do to keep your tank full in your relationship with God?
Bible study?
Fellowship with others?
What helps you the most to refresh yourself in your walk with God?

Your spiritual tank is much more important than your car’s fuel tank. Yet, most of the time, we
don’t even bother to think about it very much.  After all, “there are so many concerns in my life
that occupy my attention.  You know: the economy, my job, the children, my health.”

Yes, that’s all true.   But what happens when your “soul-tank” is empty? When you run out of “soul fuel” how do you feel? Agitated? Pretty empty? Short-tempered? Giving up hope? Angry at God? I think we’ve all experienced one or more of these feelings at some time or another in our life.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.   What I have found is that when I need to be renewed and re-energized, all I have to do is surround myself with the things of God.  I keep a close watch on my life and heart so that I keep myself close to the source of  spiritual fuel I need to get through the day.   If we would only take the same kind of care and preparation to make sure we have spiritual fuel as much as we have for the physical fuel for our car our life would be different.

This year, Christmas could be different for you.   Take time to fill your life with Christ.   It doesn’t cost you anything… it is a free gift.  The best thing is that you can fill up any time you want.  What a deal! It’s yours for the asking.   Make the decision today – to let Jesus fill your tank.  And when you do, you’ll start to see this world in a different light and this could be the best Christmas you have ever experienced.

It’s all up to you.