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“Never Can Say Good…Bayh”

Maybe it’s just me…but you can almost hear the beat of that old Jackson Five  song: “Never Can Say Goodbye”.

I have attached this video for your listening enjoyment while you read the rest of this post.  It will be the best part of it.

Evan Bayh, the Indiana Democratic Senator, has announced that he too is quaking in his boots and suddenly deciding not to run as beleaguered Democrats are quickly realizing their arrogant posturing this past year has stirred up a political hornet’s nest that is likely to bring most of them down.

I have tried over the last few hours to come up with something positive to say about my fellow Democrat Evan Bayh…and I can never find anything good to say about him.

Senator Evan Bayh

While Bayh is only the latest and certainly not the last to realize that America’s anger is real, some Democrats continue their Little Big Horn mentality in holding high the liberal banner as countless arrows fly. They have re-doubled their endless attacks on Sarah Palin, tea party supporters, conservatives and their ilk.  How long are the Democrats  going to assume that all of these “tea-parties” and Scott Brown’s election is just a blip on the map of politics.  These are major concerns, with major consequences to their party.   I believe that they are in denial.  I do not see the leadership coming from the democratic party now…I see them falling back on “playground” politics of blame.  Making  issues about failed Bush polices will get them nothing but a Republican majority real soon.   If they continue to deny that they have serious problems in the leadership of the party then I am to assume that they are too blinded by self righteousness.

The once foaming-at-the-mouth Bush bashers have now morphed into “Palin Impalers” in what can only be termed a cult of hate of the first magnitude.    Not only is she constantly belittled as dumb and stupid (a tactic the Bush bashers honed to perfection), she is also portrayed as leading her moronic followers and fellow conservatives lemming-like off hate-filled, gun-toting, Kool-aid drinking cliffs toward political oblivion. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

As a Democrat since 1978, I am finding it so hard to read and listen to fellow democrats cry and whine about Dick Cheney and his “so-called”  hatemongering.   During the last five years the Democratic party did nothing but tell George Bush how much they hated him, his policies and Cheney.  Nothing that Bush did was right in their eyes.   Harry Reid, the Democrat Senate Leader even told school children that Bush was an idiot and the list could go on and on.

The issue of bi-partisanship is a one way street for most Democrats.  They want the compromise of a few republicans in order to pass their agenda but are they really willing to compromise themselves?  I do not see anyone in the democratic party willing to do so.   So they cannot cry foul because the Republicans are not willing to come to the table and work with them.  I  hear my fellow democrats whine about the fact that the Repubs won’t “work together” in a bi-partisan fashion. Why would they expect them to?   They (the Democrats) have jammed everything down the throats of the American people, without any regard to working together.  In the democrats self-righteous position of the majority,  they are the ones that do not understand nor appreciate bi-partisanship.  The Democrats cannot have it both ways.   They cannot criticize, spew hatred for the last five years and then cry foul when it comes back at them.

They have done this to themselves…in their attempt to put Bush in his place, they have alienated themselves from the American people.   Make no mistake, if Scott Brown’s election is any evidence…the worst for them is yet to come. Blaming Bush and Cheney no longer will pay any benefits to the Democrats cause.   Stooping down  and playing the blame game is over.  Bush…Cheney….is old news, let’s move on.

While the now departed “Never can Say Good… Bayh” was often portrayed as a moderate, almost conservative Democrat by the overtly liberal faction of the party, neither Democrats or Republicans will miss his weak-kneed stance on tough issues.  Yet, Bayh has, perhaps, seen the lipstick writing on the mirror better than many others.

The message is this:  “the weak and liberal need not apply”.   The American public has had enough of this foolishness. Both Democrats and Republicans need to shut up and listen.

That is why Sarah Palin scares the Bee Jesus out of both sides.

And that is…

Just Me.


There are a Few Things I am Thankful for But Make 2009 Go Away

Maybe it’s just me,  but 2009 was a difficult year.  I am not sad to see it go away and be logged into the history books.   As I have reviewed this past year, I have noticed that so many of my posts have been directly related to the things that I was experiencing or thinking about at the time.  I have never written a post to get or gain attention.  I write to clear my head and it relaxes me. With that in mind, I have attached links to previous posts to the various experiences I have encountered this past year.  Please feel free to click on them and re-read some of my favorite posts of 2009.

It has been a year where I have had to deal with some serious health issues.   A few surgeries later, I am in still in recovery mode, trying to deal with the results of the operations.  Sometimes the cure is worse than the problem.  More importantly, this year was a time when I had to endure the loss of the two of the closest friends I have ever had on this earth.

Within a short span of three months, I lost Bob Emrich and Bryan Blakely.   Bryan was my closest childhood friend growing up in Oak Harbor, Ohio.  There wasn’t much that happened to either of  us from the time we were 6 to 18 that we were not involved in together.  As life happens to all of us, after high school we went our separate ways.  We always stayed in touch but we both lived in different parts of the country and we were on different paths.  However, Bryan was part of a foundation in my life and when we were able to get together over the years, it was just like old times.  Thirty years may have passed but it would only be a few moments and we were just like we were when we were 18.  Good times.  He was taken way too soon.

Bob was my mentor and he was the one person that could always point me in the right direction.  He was an example to me of what it means to live a life that would bring honor to his family and to his God.  He showed me how to truly live as Christian in this world.  He taught me more about God’s grace than any preacher that I have ever heard.  No, he was not perfect but he was a perfect example of what God can do in a person’s life if they allow Him to work in their life.  Bob wasn’t a preacher but a truck driver.  I cannot tell you how many times I would call him and he would be winding his way through the mountains of Tennessee or making his way through the corn fields of Iowa.  He always made time for me and always had a good word to say.  I still cannot bring myself to delete his phone number off my phone.

Performing the eulogy at their funerals was the most difficult thing that I have ever done.   I cannot express to you how much I miss them.

This year was also a time where I had to deal with some major health issues.  Without boring you with the details, I had to have two operations.  The second surgery was much more serious than I  was really prepared for and I am still dealing with the results of the operation.  Those results have hindered my ability to write and to do many of the things I did and enjoyed so easily in 2008.

For example, I have completely lost hearing in my left ear and have a 60% loss in my right.   I am on the fast track in becoming deaf.   Anyone who knows me, knows that I love music.  It is something that I have enjoyed my whole life and it is slowly being taken from me.  I have also lost most of my ability to taste food.  Most of my tongue is numb and I have limited ability to even taste what I am eating or drinking.   Finally, my right hand is still asleep.  This hinders my ability to write and typing is much harder than ever before.  The doctor says that while there is no chance that my hearing will come back, I may experience some improvement with some of the other issues.  So, while I am waiting to recover from this surgery,  I am trying to do what my friend Bob would have done.  He would  have called me to talk about the things we were thankful for in spite of the circumstances that we are in.

In honoring his life, I am trying to put into practice what he would have done.  In that process, I realize that I am extremely thankful for many things in my life, in spite of the difficulty of this past year.    One thing in particular that I am thankful for in 2009 is this blog.  Over the year, I have had over 150,000 visitors.  Now I know not all of them read my blog and some visit my blog just to read what new ridiculous and stupid thing  comes out of my mouth and spills out onto these pages.  Like I always say,  I love to write…I never said I write well.

One post that went viral this year was a post about things I am thankful for  called  “A Few of My Favorite Things… .  This post has by far has been my most popular post with over 20,000 hits and still growing.   I wrote that after my first surgery and just posted a few of my favorite things and things I was I was thankful for.   I would like to update it and add to those things and really be thankful for what God has allowed for me to be a part of in 2009.

So here are a few of my favorite things to be thankful for 2009…

And finally, in no particular order, here are a few of the maybe or maybe not so important things  to be thankful for…

So there you have it… a list of a few of my favorite things I am thankful for in my life.  No, the list is not complete and I am sure that there are more things I am thankful for if I would sit and think for a few minutes.    However,  that is for another time.

In closing, I will not be sad to see 2009 go away.  I am looking forward to what God has in store for me in 2010.   The slate is clean and anything is possible.

I will not be surprised by anything that may happen…but then again, maybe it’s just me.

Maybe It’s Me Political Poll

After watching the media coverage of the “financial crisis” and the debate between Palin and Biden, I am amazed that the American people are not totally “done” with politics as usual in Washington DC.
I wanted to do some kind of survey of the people that I worked with, lived next to and met during the regular course of the day. My own “poll” if you will. I was going to talk to the first 100 people I came in contact with and see what they had to say…
The responses I received were enlightening and at times scary. Now, I realize that this “poll” of mine will not compare to the Gallup or the Rasmussen Polls that everyone references but I live in Ohio. A key battle ground in the election this year.
I talked to 100 people on Friday, October 3rd. This is what I discovered…
Are you registered to vote?
78 YES   13 NO  9 NOT SURE
Are you registered with a Political party?
34 Democrat

21 Republicans

34 Independent or NO

11 No Comment
Have you made up your mind on who you are going to vote for?
24 YES

68 NO

8 No Comment
If election day were today and you had to vote, who would it be for?
16 Obama

21 McCain

57  No idea

6 No Comment
Did you watch the debate between Biden and Palin?
94 YES

6 NO
Who won that debate? (If they said yes to previous question)
47 Biden

26 Palin

Do you Believe Sarah Palin is ready to be VP after watching the debate?
74 YES

12 NO

Did you watch the first debate between McCain and Obama?
59 YES

41 NO
Who won that debate? (if they said yes to precious question)
30 McCain

22 Obama


Do you have confidence in our politicians in Washington D.C.?
12 YES

78 NO

Should the Government be proposing a Bill to help the “financial crisis”?
13 YES

82 NO


Which of the following best describes your feelings about Congress.
Extremely Happy 0
Happy 4
Somewhat Happy 2
Don’t Care 16
Somewhat Unhappy 11
Unhappy 26
Extremely Unhappy 41

Is Nancy Pelosi the kind of leader we need as the Speaker of the House?

81 NO

Of the following, who best describes who is to blame for causing this crisis?
Democrats 19
Republicans 14
President Bush 17
Wall Street 31
Not Sure / Other 19

I have not taken time to really evaluate and get to the bottom line meaning of the results, but I will say that a few things do stand out.

1. Regardless what the media says, the race in Ohio is far from over.

2. Most people are not confident in Washington D.C.

3. Most people did not want Congress to bail out Wall Street.

4. Most people are not Happy with Congress.

5. Nancy Pelosi is not the kind of leader people want in Washington.