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Cheer Up – (Official Video) and The Story of The Undeserving

The Story of The UNDESERVING

The Undeserving… is a four-piece rock, alternative, acoustic band from Fremont, OH.   Brothers Clay and Kyle Kirchenbauer grew up around music and were encouraged to play from a young age.   While participating in a music class at his local community college, Clay met guitarist Brennan Willis who was pursuing a career in production at the time.  Through a series of events, Brennan and Clay came to the conclusion that they wanted to create music together and recruited Clay’s brother Kyle to play drums and their friend Jimmie Getty to play bass. They began writing songs and playing local gigs but wanted to reach beyond their Northwestern Ohio roots.

Since that formation in 2005, The Undeserving’s music has indeed taken them far beyond the boundaries of their quaint NW Ohio town of Fremont, Ohio.  After a lot of hard work, labels caught wind of The Undeserving and began vying to sign them. Ultimately, Kevin Law, the force behind mulit-platinum artist Nelly, caught the band’s eye. They signed with Warner Bros. Records.

Ready to get things going, The Undeserving returned to Nashville to record and fine tune their record.   The band joined Secondhand Serenade and Safetysuit on part of their American tour.   Upon completing their project, Warner Bro’s Records went to work on promoting the band by placing their music in popular TV shows.

In 2010, The Undeserving released their first single... “Something to Hope For”.

The small town band experienced huge success in the media with their hit single “Something to Hope For.” The song has been heard across television sets: on the ad campaign for Season 9 of American Idol and throughout Season 10, So You Think You Can Dance, The Biggest Loser, I Used to be Fat  Celebrity Rehab and the CNN Red Cross special for the Haiti Relief Effort.  In addition, their single “There For You” was featured in a month-long campaign for CBS’ Blue Bloods, Disappeared  and the season finale of Ghost Whisperer.  It also has over 1 million plays on their MY SPACE site.   (Click Here)

“Something To Hope For” and “There For You” are featured on The Undeserving’s debut album, “Almost Alive”, which released on September 6th, 2011.  The album was mixed by Grammy Award winning  Michael Brauer (previous clientele include: Coldplay,  The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney, John Mayer and The Fray).

In the Spring of 2012, Brennan Willis left the band to focus on producing and recording new artists.   A long time friend of the band, Matt Grabowski was brought on as his replacement.

The band is currently putting finishing touches on a new EP, which will be released before the end of 2012.   All of their music is available on ITUNES.


Christmas Is Coming…Whether I Like It Or Not.

Christmas is coming…whether I like it or not.

It’s not that I don’t like Christmas in and of itself.  It is indeed a wonderful time of year.  People can be nice (sorta) to each other and who doesn’t like to get presents?   I would like to say that I hate the commercialism associated with Christmas and all the “Santa” talk…but in reality, it’s not that.  It is more of the fact that for all the hard work…the Christmas spirit only lasts a few days.

My wonderful wife is the ultimate Santa Claus kind of person.   She loves the holiday, the foods, the decor, the games…and all that goes with it, but she married a Grinch kind of guy.   I would rather take the easy way and not deal with all the work to set up the tree, only to have to take it down again in a few weeks.  We decorate the house with the same Christmas stuff I lugged up the stairs (only a month or so ago it seems) and I think she has well over 200 rolls of Christmas wrapping paper and don’t even get me started on the bows and bags we have inventoried in our basement / Christmas warehouse.

Usually,  we will have our annual Christmas tree argument,  about having a real tree vs a fake one.  She always wins.   But in reality, I’m really glad my grinchiness  has not stifled her Santa Claus spirit.  It’s wonderful to celebrate the Christmas holiday with family.   I always look forward to the time together and the looks on the kid’s faces when they open the gifts.   Some years it is a little challenging to find the money for gifts, but we always seem to work it out. I love the resulting feel and celebration because of my wife’s hard work and spirit.   As much as I complain about it, I wouldn’t want to have my way…a Grinch Christmas would be really sad.

So, my advice to all the other fellow “Grinch’s”… Let the Santa Claus in you rule the giving portion of heart for the holiday!!!  As far as the receiving portion, let the love of Christ and the celebration of His birth (the true meaning of Christmas) rule in your heart.  His gift of salvation is FREE…all you have to do is accept Him into your heart and life.

Christmas…it’s coming and there isn’t anything I can do about it.

Truth is…I wouldn’t want to have it any other way.

In the meantime, I will attach a video to my son-in-law’s band, “The Undeserving” and their free version of  “You’re a Mean One Mr. Grinch”…enjoy…

The Undeserving Featured in American Idol Commercial

American Idol returns for its much-anticipated ninth season in January 2010.  Television’s No. 1 hit series empowers contestants and viewers to share their voices in deciding who will be America’s next singing superstar. This new season promises to deliver amazing, undiscovered talent with plenty of surprises along the way.

One surprise came as an early Christmas present for the band The Undeserving that hail from a small town in Northwest Ohio.   Forming in 2004, The Undeserving (Clay Kirchenbauer – lead vocals/guitar/piano, Kyle Kirchenbauer – drums, J. Brennan Willis – lead guitar/ backing vocals, and Jimmie Getty – bass) have advanced far beyond their years since their beginnings.  The band’s first recording project is almost complete with an anticipated early 2010 release.

Backing the video is the track  “Something to Hope For”.  Debuting on the finale of “So You Think You Can Dance” , the commercial is to be used for the next three weeks, promoting the premiere of American Idol’s upcoming ninth season.

Many in Northwest Ohio are very proud of the band and it looks like all the hard work is paying off.  It is good to see really good people get a chance to do what they really love.   I personally am very proud because the lead singer is my son-in-law.  I wish you guys the best and hope that all your dreams come true.